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Donations toward the course can be made using paypal here.

Check Facebook for winter league. During the nicer weather, and when there is more daylight we play TUESDAYS at 5:30ish.  Sunday Social Rounds 9am
Game depends on turn out.   Usually $5 to get in, $1 toward teebox fund.

All cars must be out of the park by 8pm.  Check park info here for specifics and when the park is open to automobiles: http://www.nhstateparks.com/otter.html
Due to State cutbacks, there are no fee's to enter the park as it says on the website.

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March 28th, 2013:

Lots of Great stuff happening. 
1. Birdie Bash sign up HERE (http://http://vibram.usetopscore.com/)  2 Discs, t-shirt and other shwag for $30.  You can order another Vibram disc for $10 so please signup.  Two 18's if the weather cooperates and we don't have any flooding at Otterbrook.  We are talking to Granite Gorge about doing something there as well.   Details coming soon.
2. Still waiting or the snow to melt for official league times, but we are planning on playing Thursdays.  $5 to enter.  Most nights will be random Dubz.
3. Bag Tags.  Chris Sherman of (http://www.sherwinartglass.com/) is making the next 25 bag tags (#'s 11-35).  Hand blown for $20 each.   We will start selling them soon.
4. Club Meeting Thursday April 9th at http://www.thephotographyloft.com/ at 7PM.  Please come.  We would love to get input from anyone out there.   Especially those on our facebook page.

March 4, 2013:

Yes the winter has been long, cold, and for me too much snow, but spring in coming and some great things are in store.  

First off is that tee boxes are coming!  Rob and Derek went out an priced pavers, and all the stuff needed to make some safe teeboxes, similar to those at Tully Lake.  Money was going to be an issue, so we applied for and got a $1500 grant from NEFA (New England Flying Disc Association).   We CAN'T thank them enough!!!   They promote the growth of the sport we love as well as do a number of outreach programs including Fundraisers for Food banks and the Special Olympics.  Please consider becoming a member of NEFA.   For $25 bucks you get a bunch of shwag, first dibs on nefa supported tournaments, and the knowledge that you are helping the game of disc golf continue to move forward in the region.  This grant will give us just enough to put in 9 new gorgeous tee pads come spring.   Exciting news, and will take the course to the next level

Second we have finalized a logo for T'shirts to help raise money for the back nine baskets when we start the back nine work.  These will be availble for sale during the birdie bash, and through a member.   The kiosk we are installing will have all the details on who to contact. 

Third, we have a workday coming up March 22nd starting at 10 am.   If you can't afford a donation please consider helping out at a workday.  Our strategy is to make the first 9 really look nice, and if all goes well, and the ACOE is on board, we will start work on the back nine come fall.  The more people we get to help, the better the course will be, and the easier it will be to get the back 9 installed.

We also have a birdie bash coming up in May (see below), bag tags on the way, fund raiser discs, and more shwag coming for club members, and league night starting when the snow starts to melt.   It's going to be a great summer and we hope to continue to grow the sport in Keene.  Think Spring!

Jan 16th, 2013:

The 1st, and hopefully annual, Otter Brook Birdie Bash is coming to Otter Brook park Saturday May 17th, checkin is 9am!   Bring the whole family out and play some disc golf.  Registration is limited to 36 players so please sign up HERE (http://http://vibram.usetopscore.com/)  Sign up is $30 dollars which gets you two Vibram Disc golf Discs, and a Vibram T'shirt!   We are planning on creating some alternate holes weather permitting on the lower part of the Park.  If we are able to put some holes down there, that wouldn't be flooded we will open it to more people, but that won't happen until close to the date. 

Birdies bash's are not regular stroke golf.    On a par 3, you get two throws. On a par 4, you get three throws. Birdies are worth two points, Aces/Eagles are worth five points, and hitting metal is worth one point. The VBB is great for both tournament players and beginners as it is competitive but has a low key, fun attitude. Tons of prizes that everyone has a chance to win. Come out and see how fun "organized" disc golf can be.

Jan 8th, 2013:
We had decent attendance at this months meeting, but would like to see more of you.

First topic was applying for 501c3 status. It was decided that we will put that on the back burner until such a time circumstances change. At that time we will revisit. That said Bob has an email out to New England Flying Disc Association (NEFA) about the possibility of them acting as a fiscal agent for us, thus making contributions deductable.

Part of the reason we chose to go this way was to keep things simple and because at this point it looks like we have sufficient cash flow for the foreseeable future. Our funding will come from a combination of KDGC shirts and discs sales, bag tags, KDGC memberships, donations, and grants. We believe this will cover front 9 expenses and have some left for back 9 when the time comes.

We also talked about what needs to be done to make the front 9 POP. This includes Tee boxes, signage, Kiosks at 1, 5 and 3/7/8 area, additional picnic tables and steps and bridges as time, money and manpower allow. As stated before, the feeling is we have sufficient funds, but are very concerned about manpower. We believe we have enough for planned work days, but we are going to need additional commitments to tackle tee boxes. We want to put in tees similar to Tulley Lake, but if we don’t get the commitment for labor we will be forced to scale back and do simpler crushed gravel tees. There will be a walk through sometime in Feb to finalize front 9 placement (A’s and B’s) and mark trees for next round of clearing, and limbing. There was talk about what to do for lost and found and whether we should but in some sort of box to collect donations.

We are going to have work days on Mar 2 and 22 for clearing, limbing and general clean up.

We are going to ask Chris S to make another 15 Bag tags. The first 25 will be the coveted hand made glass tags and additional ones will be metal. Derek will be moving forward on Tees discs and possibly some other schwag. We talked about selling this at tournament, or at league nights. Also talked about including various items as part of becoming a member.

Talked about Birdie Bash, but did not set date. Also Rob and Derek will be getting info to submit grant application to NEFA. Mike was going to look into bank acct. Rob was going to find out more about the mysterious “Otter Brook Open” Bob said he would talk to his dad about designing Kiosk. Vinnie brought his bag tag!

December 18th, 2013:

Next KDGC Meeting.   Jan. 8th 7PM at http://www.thephotographyloft.com/ 180 Emerald Street, Keene NH.   Most likely in the confrence room upstairs.   Follow the signs.   Beer Encouraged.

December 12th, 2013;

We held a meeting 12/11.   I neglected to update the webpage.   Bad toad...

Meeting Minutes:

Our December meeting was well attended considering it is off season and the holidays are approaching. The goal was to get together and start charting the future of Otter Brook DGC and the Keene Disc Golf Club. The major topic being next steps at OB. Rob gave us a quick history of the project and what it took to make these first 9 holes a reality. We then discussed whether to start the back 9 or focus on the front 9. It was agreed that we should finish front 9 first with tee pads and signage being the 2 main projects, with continuing work done on pruning, and limbing. We are going to work on a set of temporary signage to be followed with permanent signage once tees and pins are finalized. Gravel tees in 10x4 boxes made of 4x4 is what we are planning on installing.

In conjunction with that, we found out that we can put sponsor information on our signage. So hopefully we can get people to sponsor either tees, signs or both.
Other projects discussed where building additional benches, bridges, and bulletin board/Kiosks at hole 1 and 5

Next we discussed money. The club does currently have around 400$and we talked about ways to add to that. Some of the ideas were:

Selling another batch of bag tags
Selling T shirts
Selling Discs
Asking for donation on website via Pay Pal
A cut of league money going to the club
Sponsoring a Birdie Bash Tourney come this spring
Ace Race this fall
Local Sponsors
Disc Golf grants

We believe these ideas will generate enough money to fund the projects on the front 9. Rich agreed to look into a club specific acct and I hereby dub him treasurer! We also want to look into the viability of becoming a 501c3 non-profit. Besides formalizing the whole thing, it would make contributions of money and materials tax deductable and we agreed that would be handy going forward.

Next we had a heated discussion on bag tag etiquette. I don’t think it will be the last! :-)

Next we talked about the roll of the club. While we agreed supporting other projects was possible, it was agreed OB is our primary focus. We would like to see Granite Gorge have a good course, but at this point we have plenty to do at OB. Also left the door open for future projects if local popularity warrants it. We also talked about encouraging specialty leagues, and collaborating  with other clubs around the state. (maybe a KHS or KSC league, women's league, juniors etc etc) We also talked about having a travelling club team. Discussed raising awareness of OB and disc golf in general and are looking into offering a community education class for 2014.

Our next meeting will be January 8th

So what we need is people to help make all this happen. Basically volunteer for stuff that you you like or have interest or connections with. Some of the tasks are:

We always need straight out man power.
Carpentry Skills
Organizing tournaments and or leagues
Writing Grants
Setting up a 501c3
Graphic design
Marketing/ Outreach
Social media
Or whatever you would have fun doing that helps move our vision for Otter Brook DGC forward. You have ideas, let us know. You can get a deal on lumber...let us know. Like digging? Definitely let us know!! If everyone chips in what they can, labor, money or talents, Otter Brook will become a must go to course in NH.

Bob Johnson

July 30th, 2013:


After 18 months of work we are open for play.   There are SOO many people to thank I'm not sure where to start.

First and foremost the Army Core of Engineers.   They have worked with us through out this process, and were the folks that let us come in there in build the course.   Couldn't have done it without their permission.

Second and most importantly, the guy that did the majority of the actual WORK to put this thing in, Rob Breckenridge.   I don't know what to say other than wow.   This dude has been out there countless (probably over 500 hours) cutting, moving, designing, he's really done it all.   If you catch him on the course please give him a HUGE thank you.   Without him, this wouldn't be even close to done.

There are over 30 other people that have volunteered time and have done things to make this project viable.   Just amazing to see a community come together to make this dream a reality.  

So where is the course?   Above is a link for directions and park rules.  PLEASE FOLLOW THEM.  We need to make sure we treat the course with respect, and follow the park rules.   One person can blow it for everyone, so don't be that person.

They were gracious enough to provide us a
topo map of the area.   It's tough to tell from the images, but the land definitely has some possibilities.

Please check back periodically with updates as they occur.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
Contact us if you are interested in volunteering or helping with getting things started with the town.

Disc Golf Resources On the Web:

NEFA  (New England Flying Disc Association.   All things disc golf in New England)
DGcourse Review (Great resource for Course reviews, and a search tool for courses in the area)
Discgolf.com (good overview of the sport)
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